Data Mastery SQL

This SQL book will teach you the syntax and interview questions you need to succeed in your data projects & interviews. Less than 70 pages.

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“The book is perfect for preparing for an interview … I highly recommend this if you are truly trying to master SQL within 24 hours.

“My background in IT is pretty widespread. Unfortunately none of it covers SQL. And this is honestly one of my weak points … This book is magical as well as essential. If I can learn SQL from this then anyone can.

“One of the greatest books ever written”

“I’m coming into data from a Software Engineering background… This book is exactly what I need to ramp up and feel comfortable at work. Highly recommended!

This book is a focused preparation guide—with brevity and efficiency in mind. You will learn SQL syntax quickly, practice, and continue to use this book as a reference.

This book covers everything from SELECT to subqueries with practice problems for each subject. Additionally there are advanced, real-life SQL practice questions that are similar to what you will face in data projects or in interviews!

Do one of these describe you? It is meant for:

  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, or Business Intelligence Developers preparing for interviews
  • Software Engineers who want to analyze their creation’s data
  • Product Managers and Business Professionals who want to be data-driven.

If so, don’t miss out on the most efficient SQL book on the market.