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Data Mastery – SQL

The SQL book experienced technologists have been waiting for!

There are a plethora of SQL resources out there. That’s great for anyone who has a lot of time on their hands. But for those of us who are deep into our technical careers, we need brevity & efficiency in all of our resources.

I noticed a trend among my fellow technologists – we each are especially good at one or two subjects. But we come into contact with many more. Many of you spend 99% of your time with JS, Python, Ruby, R, Go, or others. At some point you will come across a project or interview that requires SQL done right.

I wrote Data Mastery – SQL for you. This book is designed to teach the essentials, challenge you with real world scenarios, and provide solutions all under 100 pages (depending on the e-reader). It is perfect for data interview preparation, advanced software engineering projects which integrate data resources, and product managers and business professionals focused on being data-driven.

Available now on Amazon<- Buy it here! Hit me up for questions!

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